Sandeep M. Agarwal

Success is not a prerogative only in the hands of a few or a particular class of people. It is open for one and all, just as Universal abundance is open to one and all. With a strong belief system in place, the right mindset, and working upon and altering one’s limiting beliefs and paradigms, one is surely on the path of success within a very short span of time.




Sandeep M. Agarwal

Presents a new book with 30 heartfelt poems.

About the Author

Sandeep Mangeram Agarwal is a partner in a successful business firm dealing in imported textile yarns and manufacturing fabrics. After beginning his career while still undergoing his university education, he has now accumulated nearly twenty-five years of professional experience in textiles.

Sandeep was born in the small town of Hisar, nearly 167 kilometres to the north from the capital of India, New Delhi. He currently resides in the city of Surat in western India, situated on the Arabian sea, famous for textiles and diamonds.

He lives with his wife and their fourteen-year-old son.


My Life and Journey

I have seven sisters, and I am the only son to my parents. In India during those years, having a male child was believed to be almost essential in keeping the family legacy and lineage. So, every time a child was expected my parents would eagerly await my arrival. These days, things have totally changed, and most couples have only one or two children—many a times only a daughter. My mother use to tell me stories of how she awaited my birth so eagerly that she would visit all the temples and seek the blessings of sages and saints and would incessantly offer prayers each day and night to have a boy being born into our family. Finally, around midnight on the 14th of February 1975, I came into the world. My birth brought much joy to my family, especially to my parents. In the dark nightly hours, my birth was like the most beautiful dawn for them, as they so eagerly awaited my arrival with all their heart and soul—a very long wait for them indeed. My birth fulfilled their very mission and purpose in life. I was the eighth child.

The seventh daughter in our family, born before me, was brought up as a boy, and I feel now and can connect that somehow my parent’s visualizing and believing in her as a boy, dressing her as boy, and giving her all the attributes of the boy helped them to finally create the reality which they wanted to see in form of me: a boy being born to them and a brother to the seven sisters. Learning how to create reality through the creative process is shared in the poem “The Creative Process.” How conceiving, believing, and becoming is the key to finally achieving is explained in the poem. In all our childhood family albums, she (my sister) can be always be seen wearing boyish attire in all the photographs as usual.

The connection with the Universe, as I can now relate to my own son who is the same age as I was when the spiritual father, the Universe, held my hand during my journey. Just as I am helping my son in his journey, similarly, the Universe has helped me in crossing over all my internal and external hurdles as they have arrived. I can so vividly see its help always in all my endeavours. It has helped me to break my paradigms and limiting beliefs, and is giving me the love, help, and all the attention I need from it as a son.

An ordinary and simple journey made incredible, most extraordinary, and beautiful with faith and gratitude by the love and blessings of ‘The Infinite Source’- The Universal providence and the provider of all joy, happiness, abundance, and guidance to each one of us and to all!

Why this Book?

After losing my father at the age of twelve and then my mother when I was twenty-eight, I have been guided, as it were, by the Universal father and mother, the Infinite Source. I am making my way through all the ups and downs, crossing the journey with faith and gratitude.

Covid-19 and the long lockdowns that followed changed our perspective of the world and our relationship with it. It gave us the opportunity to deeply assess within ourselves and render ourselves to arrive at a conclusion of many new thoughts lying dormant which were brought to the surface through this deep internal assessment.

Old paradigms and limiting beliefs were set aside and a new journey of self-discovery was on its way. It was as if waking up from a deep slumber, guided by the divine light all around, illuminating the way and path.

Working Through the Infinite Source is one such journey of a young boy making his way out and sharing what he has acquired throughout his life. A journey of almost thirty years compiled by way of thirty poems; guided most lovingly by the Infinite Source, as a loving father and mother guiding their sons and daughters on their journey!

The deepest urge was to share my learnings acquired and learnt over the years so that they may help and add value to the readers in their journey as well. I can proudly say that it has been an incredible journey of faith and gratitude.

With joy in my heart and with love and deep gratitude to all the galaxy of people, guides, mentors, teachers, family members, and friends—and foremost to my parents and my spiritual father and mother, the Universe—this work is presented by the Infinite Source through me. I am only the channel by which the Infinite Source shares this entire journey.

The poem “Universe is My Father” is about the journey of a father and son wherein the Universe is the father, and I am the son. The poem “Lighthouse” is the reflection of my deep feelings, and thereafter an internal assessment during the long lockdowns followed by Covid-19 and the help and guidance I received in form of lighthouses (various people throughout the world).Wherein the poem “Universe Wishes to Co-Create” is about how the Universal creative energy in the form of mother guiding us to co create our reality and helping us to be the highest expression of ourself.

I am deeply grateful for all the help and guidance I have received throughout my life and will continue to receive in abundance at all times by the divine grace.

From a time early in my life, I have felt as if the divine guidance, the Universe, holding my hand and helping me tread this beautiful journey we call life with magic, awe, and miracles at each turn. Each poem in the book is a reflection of those lessons learned and the divine grace I most lovingly received by Working through the Infinite Source.

Namaste! Thank you!