Working Through the Infinite Source

When we are Connected to Our Super-Being, All is Possible!

Success is not a prerogative only in the hands of a few or a particular class of people. It is open for one and all just as the Universal abundance is open to one and all.

With a strong belief system in place, right mindset and working upon and altering one’s limiting beliefs and paradigms, one is surely on the path of success within a very short span of time.




Sandeep M. Agarwal

Presents a new book with 30 heartfelt poems.


Sandeep M. Agarwal

Presents a new guide book for students

Working Through the Infinite Source Introduction

The onset of COVID-19 in 2020 brought with it a new online education system for children all over the world. While helping my son at home with his studies (which parents know wasn’t an easy task), a deep thought crossed my mind. For my son, I was there to help him and to guide him in his various endeavours; yet when I was his age, who had been there to help me or to guide me in my life? Who had been there to hold my hand and to help me cross over the deep valleys and tall mountains which I have come across in this beautiful journey called ‘life’?

I had lost my own father by the time I had reached my son’s age, but I came to realise that there was, and it always is, the Infinite Source to guide me; a most loving entity. The Infinite Source provided me with everything, and it taught me so much during this journey, helping me to explore it with faith and gratitude. Applying that learning in my everyday life meant that I was able to attain success, peace, happiness and prosperity, which we all desire to achieve.

Deep down, I felt that these life lessons, which I had learnt most lovingly through divine guidance, could be gifted to the younger generation. This would allow them to expand and grow, helping them to achieve whatever they aim to accomplish successfully in their lives with peace and joy. I shared my thoughts with my son, deciding that I hoped to reach my goal by early 2021. However, at that time I didn’t have a clue how this dream could be accomplished. So, my son helped me by drawing a goal card on his computer, and I have shared it here in this workbook.

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About the paintings:

These are highly detailed beautiful Indian Miniature paintings painted with hand on silk cloth using natural colours and real gold ink.

These paintings are quite unique as each of the animals- Horse, Elephant and Camel have a symbolic meaning as below in Indian tradition wherein

Horse represents power,agility and strength
Elephant represents good Luck, prosperity and abundance
whereas Camel represents Love, togetherness & transformation.

When framed and adorned  these paintings are believed to bring in these qualities and attributes into the life of the inmates of the house.

The elephant with the Royal Seal: 34.6 * 22.5 cm
Single elephant and horse: 8.7 * 8.9 cm
Camel, Horse and Elephant:  12*26.5 cm
Elephant, Horse and Camel: 13.7 * 31.2 cm


Paintings source:

By Rangreet School of  Traditional Indian Art entering its 26th year,  reflecting on over 48 years of cultural focus and artistry.  From a humble beginning in the early 1970’s, when the dream of a studio merely existed in mind, to decades later having established the Rangreet School in 1996. Through Rangreet, the organization continues to place importance directly on teaching Arts’ culture in depth, and more extensively transferring my lifetime of artistry into the hands of those who will indubitably carry the traditions forward.

For further enquiries kindly reach out to them on

Since its inception, they have demonstrated lessons found in the Rangreet School of Traditional Indian Art in: Jaipur, Jodhpur (Rajasthan,India) and upon invitation to several renowned institutions, like:

Art institute of Chicago - Alsdorf Galleries – Chicago, USA  |  Oxford University – United Kingdom  |  Detroit institute of Art – Detroit, USA  |   Indianapolis Institute of Art – Indiana, USA

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One often misses the rare qualities one possesses to achieve success, peace, joy, and to live an abundant life