The Real Secret to Success

The Secret of  Success

Working Through the Infinite Source I wish to tell that I never deemed
An inner journey and a celestial show, was ever thought and possible it seemed!

Through this book, the Infinite Source seems wish to reveal
That one is a medium and passage to its unknown divine beam!

The poems are easy and lucid, and touch every realm
They have the power to take and to be at one’s highest helm!

The book is not my personal journey
It is from the Universe to us, a revelation of tremendous joyful learning!

That each one is capable of the Universal flow
Channeling is as easy and flashes by the source, as the most enchanting welcome blow!

Come friends learn few tips, joyful to our every ribs
When poetry is easy, why ponder over lengthy prose?

When the Universe (The Infinite Source) is ready to work with all its abundance and flow through us
Why then we seek the lesser resource?

Working Through the Infinite Source

Poem Titles (1-30)


Working Through the Infinite Source
Universe is My Father
Power of Gratitude
Why Are Goals Important
Setting Objectives
Interviewing Yourself
Fake Fears
Calmness of Mind
Attitude Determines the Altitude
Pretty Much All Day Long
Life is A Magical Miracle
We Are the Light Bulb
We Have Two Selves
The Power of Autosuggestion
At the Halfway Mark
Seven Wonders of the Inner World
Have Fun with it
If We Were So Simple
Rains and Rains Everywhere and the Child Within Us
Your Success is Absolutely Guaranteed
You Created History
Universe Beside on A Beautiful Long Ride
Say Yes to Dreams
Universe Wishes to Co-Create
Include Your Story
Invest in Yourself
The Creative Process (Divine Process)
Come Friends, Let’s Go to the Beach
Welcoming the Paradigm Shift

One often misses the rare qualities one possesses to achieve success, peace, joy, and to live an abundant life


Master the equation A=C+2B which can help achieve anything in Life ….

Poem- The Creative Process (Divine Process)